Water Softener Size – 5 Factors You Need to Know

Water is the essential thing anybody needs to survive on this earth. But is a true fact due to impurities present in water. The hardness of water can be due to the presence of extra minerals in it. To treat this hardness, water softeners are used. You can go for the best quality water softeners the UK which is developed by the big brands.


You might have heard of the Fleck or Harvey water softener. The Fleck 5600SXT comes with a 48,000 grain capacity and is one of the best available water softeners and whose working efficiency is also very high. You can go for this or some other related softeners. But before buying the softener it is essential to determine what the actual size is. This is so because size matters a lot in the water softener. If the softener is too small in size, the soft water will quickly run out of it and the water pressure will reduce. Thus the service life of the device ultimately gets reduced. On the other hand, the water softener of bigger size can have other adverse effects.

Here are 5 important factors that you need to know regarding the size of softener before buying it. Have a look at them below.

Flow Rate

It is measured by the quantity as gallons per minute. It is very important to have a note that how much is the flow rate of the device so as to identify how much water can pass in a minute of time. The internal diameter of the valve that is the bypass one, the mineral tank, the resins used for softening, the control valve and the volume of the softener together decide in combination what will be the actual flow rate of the water softener.

Volume of Water

It is important to check how much volume of water can be sustained by the water softener. Have a proper look at the overall consumption of water by your family in the whole day. On an average, a family having four members can use around 300 gallons of water per day. Therefore, have a look that whether the water softener at a time can fulfill your need or not.

Regeneration Frequency

Regeneration is to be done within the water softener by the mechanical components present in it. The meter present within the softeners measures the amount of water usage and accordingly the regeneration has to b done. In case the size of softener is small then it will have to regenerate again and again and due to this, an extra pressure can be put over the mechanical components, reducing their lifetime.

Water Quality

With the help of water softeners, the dissolved substances like calcium, magnesium, etc.; is removed from the water. Different softeners work according to their capacity. Have a proper look regarding the working process.

System Capacity

The capacity of the softener relies upon the resins that can be used within a unit. With the help of resins, the minerals that are making the water hard are removed from it. Thus, you can choose the softener according to the water properties of your area.

Hence, look at these factors and buy the best water softener.

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