Most Used Renewable Energy Resource

Did you know that the use of fossil fuels account for more than 80% of the United States energy? Most of the power is used to heat homes, manufacturing and in running vehicles. Ironically, less than 10% of the oil, gas and natural gas is used in the production of electricity.


Therefore, there is a tremendous need for alternative sources of energy. Currently, the amount of fossil fuel available for mining has been diminishing. The cost of extraction the available ones is increasing as it needs advanced technology. In all the state of quark mire, one thing is constant; the demand for energy will always be on the on the rise with the increase in population.

Current World State on Fossil

There is a lot of research done on renewable energy. The use of fossil fuels will be irreplaceable in a day. Meanwhile, state of the art technologies capable of utilizing fossil fuel efficiency and reduce the quantity of carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere. It is worth mentioning that despite technological advancement, the gas emission challenge has been adamant. In 2016, the use of coal reduced globally. However, the utilization of natural gas and petroleum increased leading to an increase of approximately 40 million metric tons of carbon dioxide produced and released into the atmosphere. In the same year, the use of renewable energy went up by about 0.6%.

Commonly Used Clean Energy

Hydro Power

Hydro Power is the most significant alternative to the use of fossil fuels accounting for approximately 20% of the world’s electricity. 980xIt also accounts for more than 66% of renewable energy sources in the world. Currently, Hydro Power generation involves releasing water from large reservoirs such as a dam to run turbines. Looking at the world’s largest producers of Hydro power, China stands out producing about 50% of the total followed by Brazil, Russia, Canada and the US. The use of Hydro power has not been a piece of cake. The impact of dams on the environment, human settlements, and biodiversity has been a hot potato recently.

Wind Power

The use of wind power has been increasing since 2013. Currently, it is the second commonly used renewable energy in the world producing more than 300 GW per year. In a quest to replace the use of fossil fuels, countries such as China and the US are leading in utilizing wind. Cumulatively, the two countries produce more than 150 GW of wind power yearly. The US boasts having the largest wind farm globally.

Solar Power

Solar power is the viable means of reducing the world’s use of fossil fuels because of its relative abundance. Currently, a lot of funding towards the development of cells capable of harnessing the sun’s energy efficiently and economically.

Speculations on tapping the sun’s rays using an artificial leaf then using it to break water molecules producing hydrogen gas for fuel has been made. Germany, China, and the USA have been the frontiers in the creating of top-notch devices and technologies for harvesting solar energy.

It will not be a walk in the park for the use of fossil fuels to be replaced. However, recent developments have indicated that it is possible. The adverse effects of relying on fossil fuels have been felt, seen and tested. It is high time for renewable energy.

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