Best 5 Multi-Platforms Apps Available for Android & iOS both

Movies! Who doesn’t love them? They have always been one of the top preferred ways of killing boredom and spare time and they deserve to be at the top. Movies are versatile in nature, it doesn’t matter what you love, and there would always be a movie to suit your taste. There used to be a time when watching a movie either meant going to a theater or sitting in front of a TV or laptop. In short, it involved being stationary and sitting in front of the large screen. This has however changed since the arrival of smartphones. With flexible platforms such as Android and iOS and abundance of applications out there, anybody can enjoy their favorites while being on the move or while waiting for their mode of transport. We’ve listed some of the most popular apps available on both platforms:



The best part of the app is that it not only allows you to watch movies but also gives you the functionality to download them for offline viewing. The app has functionalities like playlist, live streaming and stops time memory. It also has a feature of watching films in offline mode. For an amazing movie experience in your mobile device, Movie Box is one of the best apps available.


For seamless movie experience, ShowBox is highly recommended. It is one of the most widely downloaded movie apps and provides very simple interface for the users to interact with. With a wide variety of movies and TV shows to choose from, the user base of millions of users is a proof in itself about the popularity of Show Box.


VLC was a popular name with every PC or laptop owner before arrival of smartphones; they revolutionized the whole movie experience for all of us. They’re doing the same when now for mobile platform. It is a video player which is also capable of playing audio files and it comes with features like equalizer, filters.VLC is free and is an open source application, which means that you can even change codes if you’re technical enough.

MX Player

Since the advent of the Android platform, the MX player has been leading the bandwagon of all the video apps. This was the first stable video app available anywhere. Some of the notable features are multi-core decoding, hardware acceleration, pinch to zoom, kids lock, etc. With multiple codec’s available, MX Player can play almost any format available today and it has been downloaded by over 5M people.

Video Player

When it comes to video watching experience, nothing can beat the vanilla experience that is provided by the mighty people who created Android, Google. This app comes by default in almost all android phones and provides a very minimalist view with no additional shenanigans. With the standard features of a video player, what makes this stand out it its capability to cast your video to a TV screen. However, its strength is also its only drawback. It doesn’t provide any additional features and cannot play certain video types.

So, you can choose the best out of these apps and enjoy streaming the movies.

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