AOC G2460PQU- 24’ Budget Friendly Gaming Monitor

AOC G2460PQU with a full-fledged display of 144 Hz is the latest addition to the list of gaming computers. I would positively rate it higher than the BenQ and ASUS top monitors in terms of looks and design. AOC AOC G2460PQU with a rapid response time of 1ms has the potential of meeting all the requirements of professional gaming.

The 144Hz gaming monitor provides superfast response time to meet the gaming requirements of every professional gamer. The monitor has a thin red bar towards the bottom to give it a pure gaming computer look.

Design and Features of AOC G2460PQU

The monitor has four USB ports. The G2460PQU has inbuilt VGA, DVI-DL, HDMI, and Display Port inputs. The monitor is quite hefty and weighs 13.8lbs. The entire panel can be tilted five degrees forward and about twenty degrees backward. The monitor can be mounted on a wall and has four VESA holes to its back. The anti-glare coating of the monitor and dynamic color contrast ratio allow the users to have the perfect view of the screen even in bright sunlight.


The monitor has a sensor mounted on its front bezel that automatically adjusts the brightness of the screen based on the room lighting.

The on-screen display has 6 menus namely:

  • Image setup.
  • OSD setup.
  • Color setup
  • Luminance
  • Picture Boost
  • Extra.

You can check these best 144hz monitor for gaming to feel the difference in customization as compared to other computers.

Gaming Experience

My gaming experience on AOC G2460PQU was quite surprising. After configuring all the required settings, I played Far cry 4 on my AOC G2460PQU and was quite impressed by the speed and the picture quality. With no traceable lag, the fluid motion doesn’t have any kind of visible blur at all. However, there was some weaker saturation in the bottom panel, and it seemed muted as compared to other parts of the display.

The Advantages

Adjustable screen:  The adjustable screen which can also be pivoted to portrait mode is a big plus.

7 different display models and four USB 2.0 ports to allow faster charging of your devices.

Faster Response Time: You can trace even the brief blur of your
cursor when you move it across the screen.

The Drawbacks

Poor Quality of Speakers: The poor quality of speakers which produce little or no bass at all seems to be one of the major drawbacks of the computer. However, the gamers usually use additional headphones for gaming, and this drawback can be ignored.

Viewing angles of TN Panel: The colors from the screen tend to lose their tint due to the viewing angles of 170 degrees horizontal and 160 degrees vertical.

Input lag: The nearly 25 milliseconds of input lag may not prove to be a significant problem because it is barely noticeable by the human eyes. Moreover, the quick response time of monitor coupled with 144 Hz rates makes up for the lag.

The AOC G2460PQU is undoubtedly one of the most excellent computers in its price range. The solid built of the monitor, USB 2.0 hub, and multiple video inputs are some of the best positives of the computer.

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