Water Softener Size – 5 Factors You Need to Know

Water is the essential thing anybody needs to survive on this earth. But is a true fact due to impurities present in water. The hardness of water can be due to the presence of extra minerals in it. To treat this hardness, water softeners are used. You can go for the best quality water softeners the UK which is developed by the big brands.


You might have heard of the Fleck or Harvey water softener. The Fleck 5600SXT comes with a 48,000 grain capacity and is one of the best available water softeners and whose working efficiency is also very high. You can go for this or some other related softeners. But before buying the softener it is essential to determine what the actual size is. This is so because size matters a lot in the water softener. If the softener is too small in size, the soft water will quickly run out of it and the water pressure will reduce. Thus the service life of the device ultimately gets reduced. On the other hand, the water softener of bigger size can have other adverse effects.

Here are 5 important factors that you need to know regarding the size of softener before buying it. Have a look at them below.

Flow Rate

It is measured by the quantity as gallons per minute. It is very important to have a note that how much is the flow rate of the device so as to identify how much water can pass in a minute of time. The internal diameter of the valve that is the bypass one, the mineral tank, the resins used for softening, the control valve and the volume of the softener together decide in combination what will be the actual flow rate of the water softener.

Volume of Water

It is important to check how much volume of water can be sustained by the water softener. Have a proper look at the overall consumption of water by your family in the whole day. On an average, a family having four members can use around 300 gallons of water per day. Therefore, have a look that whether the water softener at a time can fulfill your need or not.

Regeneration Frequency

Regeneration is to be done within the water softener by the mechanical components present in it. The meter present within the softeners measures the amount of water usage and accordingly the regeneration has to b done. In case the size of softener is small then it will have to regenerate again and again and due to this, an extra pressure can be put over the mechanical components, reducing their lifetime.

Water Quality

With the help of water softeners, the dissolved substances like calcium, magnesium, etc.; is removed from the water. Different softeners work according to their capacity. Have a proper look regarding the working process.

System Capacity

The capacity of the softener relies upon the resins that can be used within a unit. With the help of resins, the minerals that are making the water hard are removed from it. Thus, you can choose the softener according to the water properties of your area.

Hence, look at these factors and buy the best water softener.

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Everything You Need To Know About AORUS M5 Gaming Mouse

A leading producer in the industry has released a new AORUS gaming mouse. The announcement from this leading gaming came as the industry looks to welcome new products. The AORUS M5 gaming mouse has taken its place among the premium products that can ever reach the market.

AORUS M5 Gaming Mouse

The product is easy to use and comes with an excellent customisation feature. The first appearance of this product occurred during the COMPUTEX 2018 event. The unlimited customisation options have led to creating great attention for the AORUS M5 gaming mouse. The mouse is designed with a revolutionary and innovative weight distribution unit.

This will help you optimise the weight of the product and at the same adjust the balance of the mouse. With this little touch, users will be able to balance the settings of the mouse to reach its highest level of flexibility. The AORUS M5 gaming mouse is powered and operated by a premium optical system.

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With its high accuracy feature, you can make use of this product as a strong gaming weapon. The click lifespan of the product is weird in nature. To be precise, you will get around fifty million clicks with adjustable RGB lighting, top-notch Omron switches and thin profile to satisfy the requirements of players.

The 16000 DPI optical sensors help to boost the AORUS M5 enthusiastic level to a prominent height. It also operates with 50g acceleration and 400 IPS, making the product to offer the best precision for competitive gaming. There is an easy change from the old mouse with the help of its 50DPI setting options. This can be achieved by adjusting the precision level with respect to every playing fashion.

Key Features of AORUS M5 Gaming Mouse

There is 50 million clicks Omron switch available. The button on both sides of the product will help to unleash the most convenient experience when playing with agility. The user’s fingertips remain tactile in responding effectively when using the product. The button of the product is created to help you enjoy total longevity.

Balance of the mouse and adjusting optimal weight is possible with this product. It comes with a revolutionary and innovative weight distribution unit that helps in altering the centre of gravity of the product. When this occurred, there will be a change from loading 118g to around 130.5g. At this point, the user will be able to get the best performance, accuracy and speed of the product.

One fantastic feature that cannot be ignored is the RGB fusion function. The light of this product can be adjusted up to 16.7 million colours. This is possible by making use of the AORUS software mechanism with a plethora of styles to suit your personal desire and game settings. Products that support RGB fusion can as well be sync with this amazing mouse.


The AORUS M5 is one of the best gaming mice that you can find in the market today. It is easy to use and comes with great flexibility. If you want to boost your gaming experience, then give this product a try.

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AOC G2460PQU- 24’ Budget Friendly Gaming Monitor

AOC G2460PQU with a full-fledged display of 144 Hz is the latest addition to the list of gaming computers. I would positively rate it higher than the BenQ and ASUS top monitors in terms of looks and design. AOC AOC G2460PQU with a rapid response time of 1ms has the potential of meeting all the requirements of professional gaming.

The 144Hz gaming monitor provides superfast response time to meet the gaming requirements of every professional gamer. The monitor has a thin red bar towards the bottom to give it a pure gaming computer look.

Design and Features of AOC G2460PQU

The monitor has four USB ports. The G2460PQU has inbuilt VGA, DVI-DL, HDMI, and Display Port inputs. The monitor is quite hefty and weighs 13.8lbs. The entire panel can be tilted five degrees forward and about twenty degrees backward. The monitor can be mounted on a wall and has four VESA holes to its back. The anti-glare coating of the monitor and dynamic color contrast ratio allow the users to have the perfect view of the screen even in bright sunlight.


The monitor has a sensor mounted on its front bezel that automatically adjusts the brightness of the screen based on the room lighting.

The on-screen display has 6 menus namely:

  • Image setup.
  • OSD setup.
  • Color setup
  • Luminance
  • Picture Boost
  • Extra.

You can check these best 144hz monitor for gaming to feel the difference in customization as compared to other computers.

Gaming Experience

My gaming experience on AOC G2460PQU was quite surprising. After configuring all the required settings, I played Far cry 4 on my AOC G2460PQU and was quite impressed by the speed and the picture quality. With no traceable lag, the fluid motion doesn’t have any kind of visible blur at all. However, there was some weaker saturation in the bottom panel, and it seemed muted as compared to other parts of the display.

The Advantages

Adjustable screen:  The adjustable screen which can also be pivoted to portrait mode is a big plus.

7 different display models and four USB 2.0 ports to allow faster charging of your devices.

Faster Response Time: You can trace even the brief blur of your
cursor when you move it across the screen.

The Drawbacks

Poor Quality of Speakers: The poor quality of speakers which produce little or no bass at all seems to be one of the major drawbacks of the computer. However, the gamers usually use additional headphones for gaming, and this drawback can be ignored.

Viewing angles of TN Panel: The colors from the screen tend to lose their tint due to the viewing angles of 170 degrees horizontal and 160 degrees vertical.

Input lag: The nearly 25 milliseconds of input lag may not prove to be a significant problem because it is barely noticeable by the human eyes. Moreover, the quick response time of monitor coupled with 144 Hz rates makes up for the lag.

The AOC G2460PQU is undoubtedly one of the most excellent computers in its price range. The solid built of the monitor, USB 2.0 hub, and multiple video inputs are some of the best positives of the computer.

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Most Used Renewable Energy Resource

Did you know that the use of fossil fuels account for more than 80% of the United States energy? Most of the power is used to heat homes, manufacturing and in running vehicles. Ironically, less than 10% of the oil, gas and natural gas is used in the production of electricity.


Therefore, there is a tremendous need for alternative sources of energy. Currently, the amount of fossil fuel available for mining has been diminishing. The cost of extraction the available ones is increasing as it needs advanced technology. In all the state of quark mire, one thing is constant; the demand for energy will always be on the on the rise with the increase in population.

Current World State on Fossil

There is a lot of research done on renewable energy. The use of fossil fuels will be irreplaceable in a day. Meanwhile, state of the art technologies capable of utilizing fossil fuel efficiency and reduce the quantity of carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere. It is worth mentioning that despite technological advancement, the gas emission challenge has been adamant. In 2016, the use of coal reduced globally. However, the utilization of natural gas and petroleum increased leading to an increase of approximately 40 million metric tons of carbon dioxide produced and released into the atmosphere. In the same year, the use of renewable energy went up by about 0.6%.

Commonly Used Clean Energy

Hydro Power

Hydro Power is the most significant alternative to the use of fossil fuels accounting for approximately 20% of the world’s electricity. 980xIt also accounts for more than 66% of renewable energy sources in the world. Currently, Hydro Power generation involves releasing water from large reservoirs such as a dam to run turbines. Looking at the world’s largest producers of Hydro power, China stands out producing about 50% of the total followed by Brazil, Russia, Canada and the US. The use of Hydro power has not been a piece of cake. The impact of dams on the environment, human settlements, and biodiversity has been a hot potato recently.

Wind Power

The use of wind power has been increasing since 2013. Currently, it is the second commonly used renewable energy in the world producing more than 300 GW per year. In a quest to replace the use of fossil fuels, countries such as China and the US are leading in utilizing wind. Cumulatively, the two countries produce more than 150 GW of wind power yearly. The US boasts having the largest wind farm globally.

Solar Power

Solar power is the viable means of reducing the world’s use of fossil fuels because of its relative abundance. Currently, a lot of funding towards the development of cells capable of harnessing the sun’s energy efficiently and economically.

Speculations on tapping the sun’s rays using an artificial leaf then using it to break water molecules producing hydrogen gas for fuel has been made. Germany, China, and the USA have been the frontiers in the creating of top-notch devices and technologies for harvesting solar energy.

It will not be a walk in the park for the use of fossil fuels to be replaced. However, recent developments have indicated that it is possible. The adverse effects of relying on fossil fuels have been felt, seen and tested. It is high time for renewable energy.

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Best 5 Multi-Platforms Apps Available for Android & iOS both

Movies! Who doesn’t love them? They have always been one of the top preferred ways of killing boredom and spare time and they deserve to be at the top. Movies are versatile in nature, it doesn’t matter what you love, and there would always be a movie to suit your taste. There used to be a time when watching a movie either meant going to a theater or sitting in front of a TV or laptop. In short, it involved being stationary and sitting in front of the large screen. This has however changed since the arrival of smartphones. With flexible platforms such as Android and iOS and abundance of applications out there, anybody can enjoy their favorites while being on the move or while waiting for their mode of transport. We’ve listed some of the most popular apps available on both platforms:



The best part of the app is that it not only allows you to watch movies but also gives you the functionality to download them for offline viewing. The app has functionalities like playlist, live streaming and stops time memory. It also has a feature of watching films in offline mode. For an amazing movie experience in your mobile device, Movie Box is one of the best apps available.


For seamless movie experience, ShowBox is highly recommended. It is one of the most widely downloaded movie apps and provides very simple interface for the users to interact with. With a wide variety of movies and TV shows to choose from, the user base of millions of users is a proof in itself about the popularity of Show Box.


VLC was a popular name with every PC or laptop owner before arrival of smartphones; they revolutionized the whole movie experience for all of us. They’re doing the same when now for mobile platform. It is a video player which is also capable of playing audio files and it comes with features like equalizer, filters.VLC is free and is an open source application, which means that you can even change codes if you’re technical enough.

MX Player

Since the advent of the Android platform, the MX player has been leading the bandwagon of all the video apps. This was the first stable video app available anywhere. Some of the notable features are multi-core decoding, hardware acceleration, pinch to zoom, kids lock, etc. With multiple codec’s available, MX Player can play almost any format available today and it has been downloaded by over 5M people.

Video Player

When it comes to video watching experience, nothing can beat the vanilla experience that is provided by the mighty people who created Android, Google. This app comes by default in almost all android phones and provides a very minimalist view with no additional shenanigans. With the standard features of a video player, what makes this stand out it its capability to cast your video to a TV screen. However, its strength is also its only drawback. It doesn’t provide any additional features and cannot play certain video types.

So, you can choose the best out of these apps and enjoy streaming the movies.

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